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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Hungry people….

Wednesday our team went to serve together at our local food bank called “Second Harvest.”  We had a great time sorting all the food.  The kids enjoyed sorting all the candy the most!  It’s very humbling to think about all the people that can’t afford the food that you and I can.  May they be … Continue reading »

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New Orleans Culture 101

Yesterday I received one of many lessons about the culture in New Orleans. Whenever the city of New Orleans does a festival, parade, or some other event… they do it good! Amanda, the Zooks (our future team members), Amy and I went to the 2nd annual Po-Boy Festival about 5 minutes from our house.  I had this idea in … Continue reading »

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First Visitor

My parents left on Wednesday after a great visit. It was a week full of fun and firsts for all of us… I enjoyed being tour-guide instead of tourist and look forward to doing it again! I walked away with 2 major impressions: 1) We are so blessed to have a healthly, sweet, honest relationship with my parents. … Continue reading »

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serenity in the city…

Matt and I recently purchased a new form of transportation. Since we are down to one car, bikes were the perfect solution. On Friday we headed out for the first time as a family. We went to Audobon park, a beautiful patch of nature amongst concrete and traffic. That’s the wonderful thing about New Orleans… even … Continue reading »

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Keeping you informed….

For those of you that have not seen our last newsletter see click on link below….. chapmanoct Thanks for all your prayers and support!

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The making of a leader….

Yesterday Christian Nichols left New Orleans to return home to Australia.  He has been a part of our team for 6 months.  It has been such a blessing sharing life together with this mature 19 year old.  He came here to learn from us, to experience mission, and to fall more in love with Jesus.  … Continue reading »

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October 31st is quite a different holiday when it’s 75 degrees out! Octavia Street (our cross street) was active and full of life. Neighbors sat out on their porches with bowls of candy, kids bustled around in their princess, spiderman, and monkey costumes… it was a new experience compared to last year (our tucked away … Continue reading »

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