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Monthly Archives: March 2009

A video from my friend Chris Mead

Below is a video from Chris Mead.  Chris was a former student of mine at Crossroads.  He came down to New Orleans about a month ago to film a video here for his Senior project.  Good work Chris! [youtube=]   The answer from my last poll about the crawfish is 85 pounds!

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Crawish hmmm good…

Many years ago my friend, Neal Mitchell, and I used to catch crawfish with our bare hands at this place near our house called “the Slough.”  We would always come away with 20-25 crawfish in a bucket. We would bring them home to boil them but we never really ate them…we just got a lot … Continue reading »

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10 years and counting…

We have officially been married for ten years as of yesterday!  When I tell people we have been married for ten years they normally respond with a big “what?” and I normally say something like “yeah, we got married when we were twelve :).”  As I reflect back on the past ten years, I am … Continue reading »

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The Gravity of a Children's Story….

  For  seven months now I have been reflecting on a story that I read to Nolan before our move to New Orleans. I have heard it countless times, but it wasn’t until I read it to my little boy that it hit me fresh and I began to weep.  It wasn’t the reality of Jesus’ ability to calm the … Continue reading »

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Aquarium with Ali…

A few days ago Amy, Nolan, and I went to the aquarium with our friend Ali.  We all had a blast!  Ali has four more months left here in New Orleans and then he will most likely leave to continue his pursuit of becoming a brain surgeon at Harvard medical institute.  So for the next … Continue reading »

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