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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Bear Creek Team At Work…

For the last few days the team from cold rainy Seattle has been braving the heat and humidy and working really hard.  Their first work day with Habitat for Humanity was around 113 degrees with the heat index….that’s hot!  The last two days they have been working on a yard of someeone who is very special to our community.  … Continue reading »

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Bear Creek Team Has Arrived…

Last Monday a team from Bear Creek Community Church located in Woodinville Washington arrived.  We are hosting all 13 of them and we are thrilled to have them.  They will be learning a lot about the city, the church, and the culture this week as well as doing some tangible things such as helping build … Continue reading »

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Trip to Philly with Ali…

Ali and I recently returned from our trip to Philly to find him an apartment.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was a good thing I was there.  The first few apartments we looked at were located in what I would label the opposite of little house on the prairie. 🙂  It … Continue reading »

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The happenings of June…

In about two hours Amy, Nolan, and I get on an airplane and fly to San Diego, California to visit one of our sister ministries within CRM.  We are excited to learn how they do what they do. We know it will help us do what we do in New Orleans better.  Just two days after we get … Continue reading »

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Little boys and Ice cream….

 Amy is away on a personal retreat spending some time alone with God.  I’m sure that she would covet your prayers as she seeks to know God more.   For the next few days it will be Nolan and I kickin it.  This evening after dinner I took him out to ice cream.  While the picture … Continue reading »

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Championship week…

No…not talking about the NBA….I’m talking about the Irish Channel neighborhood basketball championship.  We just finished the first season and while my team didn’t make it to the ‘big dance,’ I think that this season was a huge success.  To celebrate the end of the first basketball season ever for this neighborhood, Hugo the Hornet … Continue reading »

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