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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Getting noticed….

For the past 3 months I have been helping coach the San Diego High varsity basketball team and it has been a blast.  As each practice goes by, I feel more privledged to be apart of this team.  The players are so much fun to be around and many of them come from unique backgrounds. … Continue reading »

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The uncomfortable part about following Jesus….

“The absolutely unpardonable thing was not his concern for the sick, the cripples, the lepers, the possessed….not even his partnership for the poor, humble people.  The real trouble was that he got involved with moral failures, with obviously irreligious and immoral people; people morally and politically suspect, so many dubious, obscure, abandoned, hopeless types, existing … Continue reading »

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Refugees in San Diego

Heartache, Hope, and Plain-old Hard Work Each year, thousands of refugees arrive to the states looking for freedom and safety. They have survived in lands where persecution and war thrive, and against all odds, are brought to a place like San Diego to begin a new life. However, that doesn’t mean their struggles are over. … Continue reading »

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A gift from a homeless man in our alley…

Yesterday Amy and I were watching Nolan ride his bike in our alley behind our house.  He was enjoying the ride…doing his usual thing of watching for cars and yelling yeehooo.   About 5 minutes into his ride a homeless man came around the corner and began talking to us.  After talking a bit with … Continue reading »

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