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Monthly Archives: March 2010

My Missionary Hero…

So just what is Saint Patrick’s Day about anyway?  This is the question I heard on a radio talk show this morning.  Despite what most people think, it’s about much more than cabbage, lepricons, and shamrocks!  Saint Patrick is known for starting a movement that would reach all of Ireland for the gospel. He focused … Continue reading »

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The weekend with Ali….

We spent last weekend with our friend Ali and we had a GREAT time!  We went to the beach, museums, Old Town, and we even drove down to the border of Mexico!  Overall it was a great time packed with activity and great conversations.  Thanks for those of you that prayed for our time….I felt … Continue reading »

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Ali is coming to visit….

This Friday my friend Ali is coming to stay with us for a few nights.  For the past year Ali has been living in Philadelphia working a clinical position in Nerosurgery at Temple University.  His clinical position will end as of June 30th and he will need to go back to Iran unless he gets … Continue reading »

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Amy is Pregnant with a ???

In case you haven’t heard, Amy is 13 weeks pregnant!  Today we went in for an unplanned ultrasound to get some clarity on the due date.  Not only did we discover that she’s due September 7th, BUT we also found out that we are having (or, she is having :-)) another BOY!! We had no … Continue reading »

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