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Monthly Archives: December 2011

An Enjoyable Read….

Currently Reading Sacrilege: By Hugh Halter I love his honesty, humor, and his deep passion to live like Jesus. The author, Hugh Halter,  says we are all apprentices for Jesus. I really resonate with that!  Maybe because we run a one-year apprenticeship that forms people in the way of Jesus 🙂 ? Here are some … Continue reading »

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Our HeArts

We (NieuCommunities staff and apprentices) recently presented our “HeArt projects” which we have been working on for several weeks. The purpose of these projects was to a) communicate what God has been doing in our hearts over the last year, b) solidify these truths as we pray over and develop our art project and c) … Continue reading »

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Quick question for you… Yes, you!

I met with Elizabeth a couple days ago (if you need to know who Elizabeth is, please refer to previous blogs). We had a great discussion about her friends, her family, her phase of life, and I began to pry a little more into her spiritual life. I love how honest and open this girl … Continue reading »

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The Little Things…

Thought I would give you a glimpse into our missional community (house church) that meets Sunday night. While we all love talking about Jesus and worshiping together there is something special about the time just before we move into those elements. Check it out! Also I would like to dedicated this production to Scout the … Continue reading »

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The Kingdom of God in Local Business

Dallas Willard defines the Kingdom as “life as God intended it to be lived.”  He has been one of the many theologians that has influenced my theology on the Kingdom of God.  It is this definition that prompts me to ask questions like…. -How does God intend life to be lived for the older woman … Continue reading »

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My new favorite person is Elizabeth. She’s 13 and she is my new “mentee”. She lives in a tiny apartment with her parents and soon-to-arrive baby brother, about 8 minutes from my house. Her parents came to the states years ago looking for a wider range of opportunities, which they have found. They are both … Continue reading »

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Double blessings

(written by Amy) Me and a few other girls from NieuCommunities serve as mentors with Uplift, an organization in our neighborhood that focuses on youth and seniors. They have a program called “swimming upstream” which takes a dozen or so underprivileged teens through 15 weeks of training each year for 4 years. They are also … Continue reading »

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