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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Do you know the vision?

We often get question (even from our partners) about the nature of our work and our overall vision.  In an attempt to help people understand  and to challenge people to PARTNER with us in this amazing work we put together this short video. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions or if … Continue reading »

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Getting closer to a life of simplicity…

We (as a family, and as an organization) make it a practice to challenge ourselves regularly in the art of simplicity. I just read an interview with Daniel Suelo, who has lived the last 12 years without acquiring or spending a single dollar, and was inspired by his perspective. In trying to answer a question … Continue reading »

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Missionaries in America – Oxymoron, or exactly what we need?

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Dreaming of the Future…

Several months ago, a few of us on staff with NieuCommunites began dreaming about who God might be wanting to participate in our yearlong apprenticeship beginning this September. What came out of that meeting was a prayer that God would bring us ten gifted leaders that wanted to explore their missionary calling for missions both … Continue reading »

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