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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Radically Local –Theology of Place (part 3)

  Dallas Willard, a theologian and philosopher, defined the kingdom of God as “life as it was meant to be lived in all its wonder, life as God intended it to be experienced, and the place where what God wants to happen actually happens and where God’s ways are lived and experienced.”  We all have … Continue reading »

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Place Matters (Theology of Place) Part 2

You know the question.  It’s the question you often get asked at socials, your kid’s ball game, or when you meet somebody for the first time.  Some of us are even a bit uncomfortable with the question for fear of being defined or put in a box.  “What do you do”?  This time, however, the … Continue reading »

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“Place” Matters (part 1)

  Something in my heart resonated with her tears; although, I myself had never felt that much care for the place I inhabited. This woman couldn’t hold back her tears as she pleaded with God for his reign to come on the city she lived (New Orleans). She was longing for life as God intended … Continue reading »

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