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Invest Beyond $$

As we plan for the next few years, we are seeing some needs & wants for our family. We are prayerfully asking the Lord to provide these things to help us continue to learn, teach, and minister in our neighborhood. We know He can and will (and has) provided exactly what we need when we need it.Note:  Some of the following can be tax-deductible.



A vehicle with a third row that can fit 6+ people.  

It’s amazing how much ministry takes place in our car.  Having a vehicle with a third row would enable us to host more visitors and bring home more of our kids friends (one of Amy’s favorite ministries).


Airline Miles

We have lots of travel coming up over the next year for Cohorts, organizational meetings, etc. If you have extra to unload, we can put them to good use!Places to Stay

We are always looking for inexpensive places to stay for ministry and solitude retreats, as well as family getaways.  Let us know if you have a cabin that you would be willing to share.


You have blessed us with many household items, clothes, gardening tools, (and hours of your time), etc that we have either made use of ourselves, or passed on to other families in need. Thank you so much for contributing to our neighborhood!


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