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Fear Not…

Nolan pointed out to me (Amy) the other day that our world is getting worse, that people are making bad choices. He’s fearful of our future (and then my heart broke into a hundred little pieces). I took a minute to explain that generation after generation people have said the same thing, and that many worlds before … Continue reading »

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Metrics, fruit, contribution, impact.  These are words we often use when we talk about wanting our work and our lives to make a difference for the Kingdom of God.  I can’t tell you how many Christians I (Matt) have spoken with that have been inflicted with undue discouragement when it comes to this subject.  The enemy … Continue reading »

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Five Ways We Pastor Our Neighborhood

Since our arrival to Columbia City we have sensed the gentle whisper of the Spirit of God giving us permission to engage in God’s Kingdom imagination…more specifically in our role as Pastor/Minister in the neighborhood. To put it simply, our neighbors have become our congregants and we can’t get away from our church.  We have … Continue reading »

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The Trip That Ruined Me…

Why give your life to peacemaking when it seems so futile?   Over the course of my 36 years I have had the opportunity to travel the world and participate in many different types of humanitarian trips, but none have impacted me in the same way as my recent trip to Israel/Palestine. Traveling with the … Continue reading »

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What “Missional” Looks Like For Us…

This was one of my most popular blog post from a while back that I thought I would repost again  It’s been a good reminder for me to look this over as we launch a new site in South Seattle.  So what does the missional life look like for us?  When Amy and I lived … Continue reading »

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Above all things, Love. Except on social media.

I (Amy) might be viewed as a hippy by those who know me well, and it’s partly true. I eat clean. I birthed my babe at home. I give away a lot, and buy little. I would prefer to sleep in a van (but my boys wouldn’t). I daydream about standing on the street holding … Continue reading »

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Missional Community Cohort: Starting in March!

This spring we (Rob Yackley, Ben Katt, and others) are going to launch a new leadership cohort that has been crafted specifically for people who are jumping into the missional community movement and who want to bring others along with them. It’ll be based in our Seattle neighborhood and we will primarily gather in our … Continue reading »

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The FEAR of “the others”

“Take everything out of your pockets,” the man said as he approached me with his metal-detecting wand before I (Matt) entered a local high school to watch a basketball game just one week ago. In that moment I realized that God has a sense of humor. This was the exact high school I was fearful … Continue reading »

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A call to move beyond small groups and home church

Last night we had 15-20 people from the neighborhood in our home to explore the teachings of Jesus. We shared a meal, studied the scriptures, laughed, shared stories, and even prayed blessings over our friends and families. We get this question often: “So what’s the difference between what you do and a house church or … Continue reading »

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The Seattle Freeze + Loving your Literal Neighbor

The Seattle freeze can be a bit disheartening.  It is known to breed isolation, loneliness, and yes, even depression.  No I’m not talking about the weather. I ‘m talking about the lack of hospitality and neighborliness that most refer to as the “Seattle freeze.”  We have all been a part of both sides, the receiving … Continue reading »

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